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Bambino is connecting families and sitters in communities all across the country.

Want Bambino in your neighborhood? Join our growing team of ambitious, fun, and knowledgeable Community Coordinators, and bring the fastest growing babysitter app to your neighborhood. All it takes is a few hours a week, and you'll have inside access to your town's very best sitters while making a little extra money along the way. If you think you've got what it takes, click below and Apply Now!

What it means to be a community coordinator…

Working for Bambino is exciting, because it’s the newest, most efficient way of connecting neighborhood sitters to parents, and vice versa! I love that I came on board at a time when I feel is most needed for today’s parent! And all the while the networking is so easy...whether I am out and about “mom-ing” it or home on the computer
— Janelle B., Mom of 4, Belmont, NC
Being a parent is the hardest job out there! I love being able to help ease the load a little and give parents access to amazing sitters in their own neighborhoods at the touch of a button.
— Pamela C., Mom of 1, Dayton, OH
I absolutely love the feedback I get from parents! “Bambino has SAVED me SO many times!” and “Oh my gosh! I LOVE Bambino! It’s so convenient!” These make me SO happy to hear. I’ve always wanted a job where I help people and this is the perfect place.
— Aly K., Mom of 2, Dripping Springs, TX
Connecting young adults with parents & their “Little Ones” in my community. BambinoSitters is the easiest, safest & most reliable way for Sitters to learn time management, work ethic & helping their neighborhood’s parents with reliable Sitters.
— Cope F., Mom of 2, Columbia, SC
I love being a Bambino Community Coordinator! I am a people person, I love making connections, and wehn I see a parent on the street and they give me a smile and say, “Hey, I have a Bambino sitter tonight!” I know they are happy and feel at ease using the app. It’s all about the people.
— Heather W., Mom of 1, Brooklyn, NY
It’s a community of like minded go-getters who want to help others discover how convenient and fun it is to find, book and pay a babysitter! Happy kids, happy parents!
— Alicia C., Mom of 3, Falls Church, VA