No more scrolling through job boards, posting online ads, or networking with parents.
You shouldn’t have to sit for complete strangers or drive long distances for a sitting opportunity.
With Bambino, the opportunities come to you!

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Connect with parents by requesting recommendations. With one recommendation, you’ll be instantly visible to neighborhood families and friends of the parents that recommended you. The more recommendations you have, the broader your network will be, which will enhance your ability to land new jobs!

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Connect with families you know through Facebook.
As your Facebook network expands, so do your job opportunities!


Tips and tricks for the Bambino Sitter. Watch to learn how to get more jobs, have fun & earn good $$!


How to Manage 

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Add & Invite Families

As a Bambino Sitter you have the ability to add families and gain recommendations, growing your network of Parents.

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Receive Availability Requests

Availability requests are sent to you directly through the app with job details including the family, location, start/end time, number of kids, and most importantly, how much money you can make!

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Confirm Or Decline

You'll receive availability requests directly from families with job opportunities. You can view job details and let the family know if you are available to care for their children.

Responding to a sit request on Bambino is as easy as the tap of an app. Watch to learn how!



Gone are the days of awkward rate negotiations and check-cashing trips to the bank.
Bambino handles the hassle, so you can focus on being the best Sitter you can be.


Set Your Level, Set Your Rate 

  • Junior Sitters, General Experience, 13-15 Yrs Old

  • Standard Sitters, Intermediate Experience, 15-18 Yrs

  • Advanced Sitters, Advanced Experience, 18+ Yrs

  • Elite Sitters, Elite Experience, 18+ Yrs, Background Checked

To set your own flat and fair rate, visit "My Hourly Rate" in the app menu.  

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Time Tracking

The timer starts automatically at the scheduled time, but can be manually started by the Parent if the Sitter arrives early. At the end of the sit, Parents stop the sit. Parents confirm the payment and can adjust the start/end time when confirming payment.

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Hassle-free Payment

Get paid directly through the app with secure deposits made
automatically into your Venmo or bank account.


How to be a good babysitter - tip one - be on time!

How to be a good babysitter - tip two - clean up!

How to be a good babysitter - tip three - feed those kids!