Baby-steps can still get you where you want to go!

Hey Mama’s out there! Getting back into the workforce for moms doesn’t have to be all or nothing…Baby-steps can still get you where you want to go!

At a time when work/life balance seems to be an impossible feat, it’s no surprise how many mom’s struggle with the idea of getting back into the workforce after having kids. More and more moms are looking to get their feet wet with something that won’t totally sink them. Now there’s a company offering to help moms… baby-step their way to success!

Bambino, the game-changing babysitting app helping families find, book and pay trusted, neighborhood sitters is growing its Community Coordinator program. With a foundation of keeping things personal and local, the babysitting app hires moms all around the country who then work to recruit other great moms, dads, and trustworthy sitters to join the Bambino community. The opportunity can be a real gateway into the workforce and finding your own sense of self again, just ask Dallas mom of two, Sarah Brown.  

“I wanted something more for myself. I love being a wife and a mom but wanted to also be Sarah. I started as the Community Coordinator in my neighborhood because I was new to the area and wanted to get out there and meet people. I also love helping people and needed sitters for my two kiddos. I was becoming the ghost wife to my husband not joining him at his work events because of the lack of sitters and thought, I want to be the Community Coordinator so I can have the first pick of the best-of-the-best sitters and I quickly learned …there are SO many best-of-the-best sitters in my neighborhood! I needed to share them with all my neighbors and friends. I quickly built Dallas as the number one market in the country by talking about Bambino at baseball games, PTA meetings, Mom’s Night Outs, and book clubs. I love being able to work without missing a beat in my kid’s day to day lives. My boys and I make it a fun competition to see how many parents and sitters we can get to download the app. I quickly became Bambino’s biggest fan and jumped at the chance to do almost anything with them. I became the regional Manager then the director of Growth and I’m now the Senior Director of Field Operations.”. 

Brown now oversees more than 100 Community Coordinators around the country for Bambino. This special group of fun, active moms celebrate the flexibility they have, getting paid to help local families while not having to sacrifice the day to day mom moments. 

Want Bambino in your neighborhood? What are you waiting for? Join our growing team of ambitious, fun, and knowledgeable Community Coordinators, and bring the fastest-growing babysitter app to your neighborhood. All it takes is a few, flexible hours a week, and you’ll have inside access to your town’s very best sitters while making some extra money along the way. If you think you’ve got what it takes, apply now and let baby steps get you on your way!

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