5 Fun and Useful Back to School DIY Crafts

Aug 4, 2023 | Community, Sitters

Get Ready for School! by Jillian Wood, Bambino Marketing Intern

With the back-to-school season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get creative and crafty with some fun and useful DIY projects. Whether you’re a parent, babysitter, or nanny, engaging kids in these crafts can be a great way to make their back-to-school experience more exciting. In this blog post, we’ll share a series of DIY tutorials that will keep the little ones entertained while also helping them get ready for the new school year. Let’s dive in!

  1. Personalized Bookmarks: 

Materials needed: Card stock paper, markers, stickers, tape, ribbon, and laminating sheets (optional).


  • Cut the cardstock paper into bookmark-sized strips.
  • Let the kids decorate the bookmarks using markers, stickers, and washi tape.
  • If desired, laminate the finished bookmarks to make them more durable.
  1. Upcycled Homework Station

Materials needed: Shoebox, wrapping paper, scissors, glue, and markers.


  • Cover the shoebox with colorful wrapping paper, creating a vibrant new look.
  • Let the kids use markers to label and decorate the box, turning it into a designated homework station.
  • Place their essential school supplies, such as pencils, erasers, and rulers, inside the box to keep everything organized.
  1. Decorative Door Hangers: 

Materials needed: Craft foam sheets, scissors, colorful yarn, and hole punch.


  • Cut out door hanger shapes from the craft foam sheets (e.g., rectangles or stars).
  • Help the kids punch a hole at the top of each door hanger.
  • Have them use colorful yarn to create patterns and designs on the foam.
  • Hang the finished door hangers on their bedroom door to add a personal touch.
  1. Customized Water Bottles:

Materials needed: Clear plastic water bottles, waterproof stickers, and markers.


  • Provide the kids with clear plastic water bottles.
  • Let them use waterproof stickers and markers to decorate their bottles with their names, favorite colors, or school-related designs.
  • Encourage them to use these personalized water bottles during the school year to stay hydrated.
  1. Study Desk Organizers: Materials needed: Empty tin cans, washi tape, glue, and markers.


  • Clean and dry empty tin cans of various sizes (e.g., soup cans or coffee cans).
  • Help the kids wrap the cans with colorful washi tape to create a vibrant look.
  • They can also use markers to write labels on the cans, such as “Pens,” “Markers,” “Scissors,” etc.
  • Place these DIY desk organizers on their study desks to keep their school supplies in order.

 With these delightful and practical DIY crafts, kids will not only enjoy their time during the back-to-school season but also have some useful items to start the academic year on the right foot. These crafts can be a great way for sitters to engage with the children they look after and encourage them to embrace their creativity and organizational skills. Happy crafting and back-to-school preparations!

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