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Today’s families often live in neighborhoods, next to other families. Households with young adults and teenagers living next to homes with small children. Moms side-by-side with other moms. The problem is, people are staying indoors more and more, and they rarely get to know their neighbors.

This became abundantly clear to me one night when I needed a babysitter, and I couldn’t find one. I figured there must be a bunch of them right in my neighborhood, but I didn’t know who they were or how to get to them. So I created an app for that.

Bambino is a community for parents and babysitters to connect. A place where they can find each other through common connections and chat. Where parents can review sitters once they’ve sat for them, and where sitters can see their connection to parents before they sit for them.

We’ve created thriving, virtual communities all across the country, and then we put a room parent in each one to engage with those members, answer questions, and help ensure things go smoothly. Someone who can provide recommendations to first time users, weed out unreliable sitters, and foster a secure environment for all. We call those room parents Community Coordinators.

With Bambino, we’ve modernized the way parents find, book and pay friend-recommended, community-tested babysitters right in their own neighborhood. And by allowing parents to reach those otherwise unreachable sitters, we’ve given responsible teenagers and young adults a productive way to use their spare time and contribute to their community…all while restoring flexibility back into the lives of the people who deserve it the most – parents.

-Sean Greene, Founder and CEO of Bambino Sitters

Bambino Sitters

Sean Greene Founder & CEO

Sean lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with his wife, Rebecca, and their 1 year old daughter. Meanwhile, his older 3 kids are off at school or starting their post-graduate lives. When he’s not leading the charge with Bambino, Sean enjoys spending time with his family, sailing, hiking, and cooking.

Prior to Bambino, Sean spent 20 years in the print and online marketing sector working for Dex Media and Trader Publishing, and most recently he was CEO of MatchCraft, a global provider of search engine marketing and bid management software. In addition to Bambino, Sean currently serves as a Board Member of SafetySkills (an online learning company) and enjoys serving as a mentor for other entrepreneurs.

Bambino Sitters

Beth Szostek Director of Operations

Beth has been with Bambino since March of 2017, launching one of the first communities in Charlotte, NC. Before joining Bambino full-time in July of 2018, Beth spent fourteen years working at a diversified industrial manufacturer with multiple roles in finance and human resources. She has a passion for motivating teams to deliver results, as well as building strong relationships with her colleagues and within her community.

Beth holds a B.S. in Finance from Michigan State University and a MBA from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. She resides in Davidson, NC with her husband, Ben, and their two daughters. In her spare time, Beth enjoys cheering on her daughters at swim meets, spending time with friends and neighbors and traveling.

Bambino Sitters

Rachel Dorton VP of Marketing

Rachel joined Bambino in 2021 after using the app to book reliable sitters for her kids. She was drawn to the social nature of Bambino and loved seeing sitter recommendations through friends. Rachel struggled to build her support village of sitters and is passionate about helping parents build their support system. At Bambino, Rachel is responsible for leading all parent and sitter marketing.

Prior to joining Bambino, Rachel spent 10+ years helping parenting, baby, and childcare brands reach their customers through brand marketing, strategic communications, and storytelling. Rachel has worked with many well-known brands including Crate+Kids, Kid Made Modern, The Everymom, and Huggies. Rachel and her husband, Brad, live in Charlotte, NC with their two sons.

Bambino Sitters

Elizabeth Aronson Director of Customer Experience

Prior to moving to Austin and launching Bambino in Westlake Hills in 2017, Elizabeth was an active user of the app in Westport, Connecticut. Having experienced the benefits of an active community, she knew Bambino could help parents in Austin as well. Elizabeth quickly grew her market into one of Bambino’s largest through a focus on customer outreach and support. It didn’t take long for Bambino to recognize the contribution Elizabeth could make on a national basis, so in 2018, she joined the team on a full-time basis leading the customer experience team.

Prior to joining Bambino, Elizabeth held a variety of roles in sales and support with her most recent being with Gaggle of Chicks as a sales executive. Elizabeth is a Board Member of The Dell Children’s Medical Center Trust and involved with CASA of Central Texas. Elizabeth and her husband live in Westlake Hills in Austin and are proud parents of 3 children.

Bambino Sitters

Steve Sobolevsky Chief Technology Officer

Steve has a long and varied tenure in the app and technology space. As co-founder and CEO of Knowzz, Sobolevsky developed a mobile app for trusted recommendations of local providers from friends and neighbors. Steve also served as CTO of Instantly and Whisper, and was the founder and CEO of the technology, design and development firm, Nimble.LA.

He is a proud father of two and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Bambino Sitters

Coralie Liberto Marketing Coordinator

Coralie joined Bambino in 2021 after graduating from Tulane University with a B.S.M. in Marketing and Management from the A.B. Freeman School of Business. Her first work experience at 10 years old was a mother’s helper and then as a babysitter and nanny until graduating from college. Through out that time, she worked with multiple brands in the service industry to grow brand awareness, foster communities through Social Media and email marketing, and build member loyalty. At Bambino, Coralie drives sitter recruitment and retention.

Coralie and her German Shepherd-Corgie mix Mollie live in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Bambino Sitters

Sara Snow Marketing Advisor

As a former resident of Pacific Palisades, California, Sara once hired Sean’s oldest daughter to babysit for her two young girls. She and Sean got to know one another over the mutual admiration of his capable children, and her own silly ones.

Sara is an Emmy winning TV host, anchor, and producer, frequent public speaker and media contributor to CNN, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and numerous monthly magazines. Snow is a published author and has served as brand spokesperson and helped launch successful media campaigns for Johnson & Johnson, Clorox, Lipton, Whirlpool, and others.

Sara and her husband, Ryan, live in Westport, CT with their two daughters and new puppy.

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