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Prior to appearing on Bambino, every sitter goes through a multi-part vetting process, which includes: 1.) phone number and carrier validation to ensure users are registered with valid carriers in the United States and not using internet phone numbers or untraceable phones, 2.) ID upload and verification for 18 and over to ensure sitters are who they say they are, 3.) background check against the sex offender database and terrorist watchlist, and last but certainly not least, 4.) every sitter has to receive a recommendation from another member of the community in order to have the profile activated on the platform. In addition, all Elite Sitters are criminally background checked and have passed a strict qualification process. Following are some of our favorite sitters from around the country.

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“We used Bambino on Saturday night and the experience was amazing. We had Emily C who was wonderful with our kids and left our house spotless. From booking, to paying, etc….everything is very user-friendly! Thank you!! ”
— Meaghan K

“Hi.. I wanted to let you know how turnkey it was to find a sitter on Saturday and how great that experience was. Izzy C was so lovely and was terrific with Bennett (age 3). I’ll most definitely use this app often!”
— Samantha L

“I used the app last weekend for the first time and discovered a fabulous gal whom we will request next time for sure. Keep at it Bambino! You’re a great tool in a mom’s toolbox!”
— Susie G