Five Fun Thanksgiving Activities to do with Kids

Nov 14, 2023 | Sitters, Tips

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to create special memories with your little ones. Here are some fun Thanksgiving activities that will keep the kids entertained and excited for the big day.

  1. Turkey Feather Hunt: Hide colorful “turkey feathers” (made of paper or felt) around the house or yard. Children can embark on a fun scavenger hunt to find them all, and the one with the most feathers wins a prize!
  2. Handprint Turkey Crafts: Provide kids with paint and paper to make handprint turkeys. Each child dips their hand in paint and stamps it on paper, turning the print into a festive turkey by adding eyes, beak, and legs. It’s a keepsake parents will cherish!
  3. Thanksgiving Parade Reenactment: Kids can craft their “floats” using cardboard boxes, paper, balloons, and other art supplies. Once they’re done, they can showcase their creations in a mini-parade around the house or yard, bringing the excitement of the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade right to your home!
  4. Gratitude Journal: Provide kids with a small notebook where they can write or draw something they’re thankful for each day leading up to Thanksgiving. It’s a great way to foster gratitude and reflection during the holiday season.
  5. Thanksgiving Bingo: Create bingo cards filled with Thanksgiving-themed pictures or words. Kids can mark off squares as they’re called out, and the first to get a full row wins a small prize.

Remember to capture these special moments with photos to cherish for years to come. Happy Thanksgiving!

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