tips 07,Feb

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

By Rebecca Greene

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX THIS VALENTINE’S DAY! Sure, no one is going to turn down a box of chocolates or beautiful flowers for Valentine’s Day, but putting some extra thought behind your gift will go a long way! Here are 5 original, oh so sweet ideas to spread the love: THE GIFT OF GIVING There’s something special when the person you love sees you for all that ignites you on the inside.  Turning passion into READ MORE >

tips 15,Jan

What the kids really think about their Bambino sitters!

By Bambino Sitters

Wondering what the kids really think about their sitters while you're away?! Marathon Mama and Blogger, Natalie Mitchell from recently left her kids to a handful of Bambino Sitters while she was away for the weekend.  Here's what the kids thought of their sitters!

tips 18,Jan

5 Common mistakes to avoid when selecting a babysitter.

By Bambino Sitters

1.  The biggest mistake you can make when selecting a babysitter is to hire a sitter without hearing what other parents (preferably parents you know and trust) say about him or her.  Recommendations by a friend mean everything!2.  Budgets are almost never tighter than when you’re a parent, but placing too much emphasis on a sitter’s rate might not be the best idea. What seems like a big hourly rate difference might only mean the READ MORE >