parents 10,Oct

3 Ways To Confidently Hire a Babysitter For An Infant

By Bambino Sitters

It’s been weeks (or months) since the baby was born and you’re starting to feel the itch to get out and rejoin the adult world by going back to work, having coffee dates with friends, or going to the gym to workout. The baby is on a somewhat regular routine of eating and sleeping, so it seems like the perfect time to start thinking about finding a babysitter for an infant. Now, what? Confidently Hire READ MORE >

parents 25,Mar

A Safe & Simple Way to Find a Teen Babysitter

By Bambino Sitters

Today, more and more teens are taking advantage of the opportunity to earn spending money by babysitting. And, as a parent who needs a sitter, you want to give them a chance but you also have a few concerns. That’s where Bambino can really help. When it comes to finding just the right teen babysitter, we’ve done the upfront work to ease your mind and answer your questions to help you find the best teen READ MORE >

parents 20,Mar

Finding Weekend Babysitters Just Got Easier

By Bambino Sitters

 The weekend’s almost here and you’ve got big plans. The reservation is booked, the perfect outfit is hanging in your closet, all that’s left is finding a babysitter. Uh oh, those butterflies of excitement just turned to dread. It’s time to join the race against other parents vying for the same weekend babysitters. But, you breathe a giant sigh of relief. You remember that you have the ability to choose from a list of weekend READ MORE >

parents 12,Mar

Looking for a local babysitter? Finding one is easy!

By Bambino Sitters

Let’s face it, finding a local babysitter can be a bit of a challenge, but it really doesn’t have to be. In the past, you may have turned to friends, coworkers, or neighbors, only to find that their sitters were already booked. You’ve thought about putting up a flyer at your kids’ school or daycare, but were skeptical about knowing if you could trust the references potential sitters give you? The same goes for trying READ MORE >