5 Study Tips for Midterm Season

Oct 12, 2023 | Sitters, Tips

The time has finally come- midterm season! Whether you are feeling confident, worried, or on edge, midterms are not an easy feat. They take time, preparation, and concentration, and are an important part of your final grade for a course. Bambino has gathered 5 study tips for midterm season for you to employ and build a foundation for study habits in the future. Midterm season shouldn’t be daunting, and these tips will help you feel in control of your academic success.

Start Early

During midterm season, it is always best to begin studying early rather than later. This will give you and your brain more time to focus on the study material and course content. Waiting until the last minute to begin studying can induce feelings of stress and may result in cramming for an exam, which has negative effects such as reduced sleep.

Plan ahead to pace yourself

Schedules are key during midterm season! Not only can they help you stay on track with your study schedule, but they can also help you pace yourself. It is important not to overwhelm you and your brain with lots of academic content at one time. A schedule can help you carve out study time, recreational time, rest time, and more!

Get plenty of rest

It is always hard to pour from an empty cup. Make sure that you are prioritizing your rest and breaks to give yourself a chance to relax from the studying and to recharge. This will make your studying times much more effective.

Reach out to your university’s services

Many university’s offer a plethora of services to help foster academic success amongst students. Visiting your professor or teaching assistants’ (TAs) office hours are one resource to get the assistance you need while studying for a midterm. If your university offers it, writing centers and tutoring centers are also an amazing way to get professional advice and help with your studies.

Ask questions

Now is the time to ask your professors and TAs the burning questions you may have about certain topics and content! Visiting them or emailing them with your questions is a great way to make sure you have all of the correct information when you begin your studies.

We wish you the best of luck on your midterm prep!

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