Bambino provides a safe community to find nearby babysitting jobs with vetted parents. Sitters don’t have to weed through a huge job board, instead, parents will request you! Download the app and find your first babysitting job today!

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Bambino Sitters Over 44,000 active Sitters are getting requests from parents looking to hire sitters. Will you be in that number?

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How Bambino works for babysitters

Finding babysitting jobs has never been easier with Bambino.

Step 1:
Set up your profile

Creating a profile with Bambino requires one recommendation from any parent you’ve babysat for previously, regardless of if they’ve used Bambino. While setting up your profile you can choose your rate, availability, experience, and any other details about your babysitting skills.

Step 2: Respond to requests

After you’ve set up your profile and received your first parent recommendation, your profile will become active for parents to find you. You don’t have to worry about searching for jobs, because parents will reach out to you with babysitting requests. When you receive a request by text or notification, you’re given the option to accept or decline the request. Each request includes the time and date of the sit, location, amount of kids, and any other information you need to know. Prior to responding to the request, Bambino allows you to check out the parent’s profile, which includes additional information needed before accepting a request. You will also have the option to reach out to the parent, to ask any questions about the sit.

Step 3: Be selected for a sit

The parent is notified when you’ve accepted a job request. Parents send out requests to multiple sitters at a time, so now it’s their turn to select a sitter for the job. Parents commonly choose the sitters that respond the fastest, so it’s important to stay on top of all sit requests.

Step 4: Get paid

Once you’ve been accepted for a babysitting job, make sure to arrive on time to the babysitting job. When the sit is finished, you’ll receive payment from the app directly into your Venmo or bank account.

Want to standout as a sitter?

Background checks instantly increase your level of trust with new parents and your credibility as a Bambino Sitter. Background checked babysitters get 2x more requests per month on average!

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Bambino categorizes Sitters based on four experience levels:
Junior, Standard, Advanced and Elite.

Junior Sitters

Junior Sitters are at least 13 years old and they have some babysitting experience. These sitters do not have their own transportation and are between the ages of 13-15 years old.

Standard Sitters

Standard Sitters are 16-18 years old, however experienced 15 year olds can be upgraded to Standard Sitters based on a variety of measures.

Advanced Sitters

Advanced Sitters are generally at least 19 years old, however very experienced 18 year olds can be upgraded to Advanced status based on a variety of measures as determined by the local Community Coordinator. Some of the variables include the number of recommendations a sitter has, their hours in the Bambino platform, and their overall rating.

Elite Sitters

Elite Sitters are our most reliable, engaged and highly rated sitters. These sitters are all at least 18 years old have all cleared a comprehensive Background Check administered by EvidentID using their Social Security Number. This checks National, State and County records. These sitters have completed at least 6 sits within the past 2 months, maintained a 4.8+ Star Rating, an 85% or higher Reliability Rating (monitors cancellations initiated by the Sitter within 48 hours of the scheduled sit) and a high response rate to sit requests.

“Being a Bambino Sitter has introduced me to families in 3 different cities that I’ve built sincere lasting relationships with. I have never felt unsafe fulfilling a Bambino job. I’ve tried other babysitting services and none have lived up, from pay to transparency.”
— Hope K

“I love that it takes the back-and-forth out of negotiating. On other platforms, parents are asking my prices and for my references.
On Bambino, parents know what my rate is, see that my background is clean, and can see references from other parents – a lot of times their neighbors and friends!”
— Karla T

“Bambino is a great way to connect with people looking for a sitter! I get lots of requests for babysitting and am easily able to book jobs that work with my schedule.”
— Maddie O

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