Bambino 101: A Babysitter’s Guide to Getting Started on Bambino

Feb 24, 2022 | Sitters, Tips

Welcome to the Bambino Sitter Community! We want to make sure you have a safe and successful experience on Bambino. Your profile will be live after you receive your first recommendation! What does that mean? When your profile is “On,” Parents in your community can send you sit requests. If you need to take a break or go on vacation and don’t want to receive requests, just toggle the button to “Profile Off” on your My Account screen and your sit requests will stop.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Complete Your Profile

In order to be an active sitter on Bambino, you have to create a profile and receive at least one recommendation. That recommendation can come from anyone, regardless of if they’ve used Bambino or not. For tips on creating a high-quality profile that will get you more requests, read our insider tips below.

Your profile also includes your Availability Calendar. Click HERE to learn how to update your calendar.

Step 2: Respond to Requests

With Bambino, you don’t have to search a job board or reach out to parents. Parents create job requests with details that are sent to Sitters in their community. When you receive a request by text or notification, you’re given the option to accept or decline the request. Make sure to respond to as many requests (either available or not) as you can to avoid being deactivated. Each request includes the time and date of the sit, location, number of children, and any other information you need to know. Prior to responding to the request, Bambino allows you to check out the parent’s profile, which includes additional information needed before accepting a request.

If you do not receive any requests, you might be a trendsetter in your community! Read here for our tips when using Bambino in one of our newer neighborhoods. 

Step 3: Yay, You Were Selected!

Parents can request multiple sitters at a time. If you are available and accept the request, the parent is notified. The parent has 24 hours to confirm a sitter for their request. 

Make the best first impression

 So a family just confirmed a sit with you for the first time. How do you make the best impression and guarantee more requests? 

  1. When the Parent confirms, you then have the ability to message them in the app. Build a relationship with the Parent by sending a message to introduce yourself. Here’s an example:⁠
    Hello____, I hope you are doing well! I am excited to meet you and your family Friday. I wanted to reach out to see if there are any special instructions for Friday and if there are any allergies/food sensitivities. I look forward to meeting your family!⁠

  2. Show up a few minutes early⁠
  3. Leave the space better than you found it⁠
  4. Follow the Parents’ bedtime instructions⁠

Step 4: Babysit & Get Paid

When it’s time for the sit, make sure to arrive on time or even a few minutes early.  Make sure to ask questions about the children and most importantly, have fun! You will track the duration of the sit on the app and confirm when the sit ends. When the sit is finished and the Parent has submitted payment through the app, you’ll be able to track the payment through the My Payments section of your My Account tab. Learn more about setting up payment, here.

Step 5: Share Bambino: Give $10 / Get $10

Learn more about our Refer-a-Friend benefits, here.

Now that you know a little more about how the app works, let’s get you a profile that stands out! Below are our insider tips to have a Bambino profile that Parents will love and request!

Insider Tips

Select a High-Quality Profile Picture

Check to see that your profile shows a CLEAR photo of you. Avoid photos that are too far away, too close up, include other people, or have distracting backgrounds. Avoid selfies or photos with filters. First impressions matter so you want your photo to express friendliness and professionalism!

Bambino Sitters

Show Off With Your Bio

This is your chance to tell parents about the experience you have caring for children. The more detailed—the better! This can include experience volunteering, coaching, and mentoring. Other things that demonstrate your work ethic, skills, or personality are encouraged as well. Try to aim for at least 5 good sentences. Also, grammar and spelling count! You can update your bio by clicking the My Account tab -> My Experience -> Tell Us About Yourself.

Respond to ALL Requests

The app tracks sitter stats to ensure Bambino connects quality sitters with parents. By responding to ALL requests and double-checking your availability prior to accepting the sit, you’re more likely to be requested for new jobs.

Request More Recommendations

The more recommendations you have, the more likely a Parent is to request you!

If you have never babysat before, ask an adult to recommend you based on your character and responsibility. If you have prior experience babysitting, ask a former Parent you have sat for.

Did you know? When a Bambino Parent writes you a recommendation, your profile gets boosted to the top of all their friends’ lists while requesting sitters.

On Bambino, you can find safe and trusted families to start babysitting for. Happy Sitting!

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