To Our Bambino Community,

UPDATE:  5/22/2020

Brighter days are coming and we are so excited to see the first rays of sunshine as some of our communities start to safely reopen. We recognize that each community is as different as the people who live in them. As such, there is a wide range of emotions playing out and the timeline for returning to a “new” normal will look different for each of our families. We want you to know that we honor and respect your timeline and are here for you when you are ready.

Safety continues to be Bambino’s top priority. We are excited to see our parents and sitters reconnecting again and want to remind everyone to stay safe. We ask all members to continue following the advice of the CDC as well as individual guidelines put out by your state and local officials. Please exercise caution and cancel your bookings in the event you or anyone in your household exhibits symptoms of coronavirus or has been exposed to someone with coronavirus in the last 14 days. We ask all members to be transparent with their social distancing practices and expectations prior to each booking, and share any concerns they may have. We are a community built on trust and transparency, and now more than ever, we want to encourage those foundational beliefs.

Thank you in advance for allowing Bambino to serve you, whether now or in the future. We are always here for you when you are ready.

Stay safe and healthy,

Your Bambino Family