3 Tips for Success: Babysitting When the Parent Is Home

Sep 6, 2022 | Sitters

When you get a request for a babysitting job, a babysitter usually assumes that the parent will leave you with the kids at their house. But many parents now have flexible jobs where they work from home or they need some time to themselves at home to clean, organize, or get work done. Babysitting while the parent is home is helpful in case you have questions or in case of an emergency. But it can also be tricky to navigate as a sitter in a new place.

If you’re the child, it can be confusing when they cannot be with their parents or ask them questions. And if you’re the sitter, not only are you getting used to the kids you’re sitting for, but you’re navigating staying quiet while a parent works or staying away from another part of the house with kids in tow.

Although the situation can be tricky, here are 3 tips to make the experience smoother for both you and the child!

1. The Sitter Is in Charge During the Sit

Setting expectations when you arrive at any babysitting job is important, but it is even more important when the parent is home. Make sure that you and the parent discuss roles and responsibilities when you get there. Then, ensure the parent tells the child that you are in charge. This makes the child much more likely to listen to you. Explaining your role to the child can help ease any confusion and prevent them from interrupting their parents when you are babysitting.

2. Ask Questions and Set Boundaries

Some parents are completely fine with their child coming into their space while there is a babysitter, while others are not. Talk to the parents and find out what they expect, so you can act according to their needs. Establishing zones of the house to keep the child out of is a great way to prevent any potential disruptions.

3. Say “Goodbye” to Parents

Saying goodbye to the parents can help a child understand that although the parents may be home, they should not be disrupted. Explaining to the child that their parents have to work while you play with them can help you go about the transition.

Remember that babysitting while the parents are home should be approached the same way as if the parent was away. By following these tips and creating an open line of communication with the parents, you can ensure that the sit goes as smoothly as possible!

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