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Embrace the opportunity to be your own boss and sit for families right in your own neighborhood. Set your own rate and schedule, update your availability on the go, and earn money for the things you want.

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Bambino Sitters Respond Quickly! The BEST sitters communicate effectively!

How Bambino works for babysitters

“I tell my friends who live outside of the palisades that I wish they had such a great app. Our world looks for ways to make complicated things as simple as possible and that’s what Bambino does for parents and sitters.”
— Grace R

“I would recommend Bambino to a friend because I think it is a great way for babysitters to get involved in their community and expand their connections in the world of babysitting.”
— Lindsey T

“I recommend Bambino because it is easy and the Palisades families and kids are really great and fun to babysit for. The best feature of the app is how you can instantly reply to a parent looking for a sitter and know within a matter of minutes whether or not you will sit for them.”
— Maddie O

Videos For Babysitters…

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