Marriage and Martinis Loves Bambino Sitters

Nothing goes better with marriage than martinis except for maybe a great babysitter to watch the kids

Bambino Sitters Bambino Sitters

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Bambino is a game-changing babysitting app that’s fast becoming a household name

Bambino helps families find, book and pay trusted, neighborhood sitters using their personal and social networks. Each babysitter’s profile contains the following to help pick the right babysitter for you:

  • Community Ratings

  • Comprehensive Safety Checks

  • Sitter Performance Metrics

  • Profile Pictures, Experience Levels, and Sitter Skills

  • App Is Free To Download, Only Pay Sitters When They Watch Your Kids

“First, I want to say THANK YOU for creating this app. I have shared it with all of my friends and refer to the day I discovered as “the day I won the babysitting lottery!” I am banned from last-minute-non-kid events no longer!”
— Meredith K

“Emily was awesome! Knowing that she had been vetted by another family made the decision to hire her a no-brainer. Typically when we have a new sitter, brooks is a bit nervous. She wasn’t at all tonight.”
— Pete K

“Amazing Service! We needed a sitter last minute. Jackson was absolutely adorable and my baby boy loved him. Can’t wait to use the service again!”
— Lauren E

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