5 Tips to Handle an Emergency While Babysitting

Dec 1, 2021 | Sitters, Tips

As a babysitter, you have to be prepared for everything. Emergencies can happen so it’s important to be prepared. This doesn’t mean you need to be a registered paramedic (though that is a great qualification to highlight to parents if you are!), but you should know the actions to take should an emergency occur. Here at Bambino, we encourage Parents and Sitters to have open discussions so everyone feels comfortable. As a sitter, it’s important to be proactive and feel confident in knowing what to do in case an emergency occurs. Here are five tips to handle an emergency while babysitting.

Tip #1 – Familiarize Yourself with the House & Family Protocols

When arriving at a new babysitting job for the first time, it’s important to have a conversation with the parents about medical needs, allergies, etc. Familiarize yourself with the house, including where the first aid supplies live. We recommend making a checklist as a guide when talking with the parents. In the checklist, you can ask about the location of band-aids, a fire extinguisher, emergency contacts, and an EpiPen, if necessary. On Bambino, parents can share any special needs like allergies, but when sitting for the first time, it’s always good to double-check!

Tip #2 – Call 9-1-1

If a medical or safety emergency occurs, call 911. Do not attempt any medical or CPR techniques if you have not been properly certified or trained. The operator will talk you through the best steps to take.

Tip #3 – Notify the Parents

If it’s not a life-threatening emergency that requires 911, notify the parents if anything happens that you are unsure how to handle. In any situation, it’s best to update the parent. Parents know their children and will be able to tell you how to best handle the situation. If 911 was called, make sure to call the parent as soon as you are able.

For minor incidences like a fall with no injury or a minor cut, update the parent when they arrive home so they are aware.

Tip #4 – Get Certified

The biggest way to feel confident and prepared is to get CPR certified. With a simple online search, you’ll find CPR or first aid classes in your local area. In many cities, the Red Cross offers CPR certifications as well as baby and child care courses.

Additionally, you can take virtual training and courses on babysitting safety. Check out this post for a few of our favorite online babysitting courses.

Tip #5 – Stay Calm

Last, but not least, remember to stay calm. Kids are very perceptive and will feed off of your reaction to the situation.

Emergencies don’t happen often but they can occur. Remember, you cannot prepare for everything! The best way to handle an emergency is to feel confident that you are prepared to handle the situation. You got this!

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