A Safe & Simple Way to Find a Teen Babysitter

Mar 25, 2020 | Parents

Today, more and more teens are taking advantage of the opportunity to earn spending money by babysitting. And, as a parent who needs a sitter, you want to give them a chance but you also have a few concerns. That’s where Bambino can really help. When it comes to finding just the right teen babysitter, we’ve done the upfront work to ease your mind and answer your questions to help you find the best teen babysitter for your family. 

How Bambino Helps Connect You to Just the Right Teen Sitter

Question #1  How can I find a teen babysitter? 

Think of Bambino as your teenage babysitter GPS. Finding a sitter is as easy as opening the app and choosing one. How does it work? When parents and sitters register, we ask them to connect their personal and social networks, like Facebook, to create a community. We use that community network to see what sitters people you know to trust and recommend. 

Question #2  How do I know they’ve got the experience or skills I need?

Maybe in the past, you’ve had to hire a sitter based on who was available and not on their experience. Those days are over. Bambino makes it easy to get a sitter who has the experience you need or the special skills, such as cooking or CPR training or other certifications, you want. Before you hire them, you’ll know how long they’ve been a babysitter and what extra skills they bring with them. 

Question #3  How can I get a sitter the kids will like?

We know that kids can be picky when it comes to sitters. You want them to look forward to the sitter coming and feel comfortable with them when you leave. No worries there. You’ll be able to read reviews from other parents on the app and hear how their kids reacted to a sitter. You’ll be able to learn enough about a sitter to get a good idea of whether or not they’ll fit in with the ages of your children and the activities they expect. 

Question #4  Can these sitters be counted on?

If you’ve ever pinned your hopes on a teen sitter and had them cancel at the last minute, you know how disappointing and awkward it can be. To ensure the dependability of our sitters, we regularly evaluate them based on their reliability. Those who respond quickly and show up on time are ranked higher in the listings. By using these rankings as a guide, you can rest assured you’re sitter’s going to show. 

Question #5  Can I can trust these sitters?

Your child’s safety is our number one priority. Before any sitter becomes part of the Bambino community, they are required to have at least one recommendation and teen babysitters need to have parental consent to be on the app. All sitters also go through comprehensive safety checks before they are activated on the platform.

Question #6  How available are they?

Whether you need someone to watch the kids while you attend a weekly meeting or a Saturday morning session at the gym, you’ll be able to tell at a glance when a sitter is available. You’ll only see sitters that have not been booked for that time when making a request. After a request is sent, each sitter confirms if they are available and interested, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs. 

Question #7  How do I know I’m getting the best rate? 

Choosing a teen babysitter is a great way to save money, as their rates tend to be lower than older babysitters. For parents with older kids that need less attention, this is a great option. Sitters on Bambino post their rates for everyone to see, ensuring you’re paying the same amount as your friends and neighbors. Best of all, you find, book and pay all through the app, which is free to download. You only pay once the sitter watches your kids.

There’s nothing better than having a smart and reliable teen babysitter. And, when your kids enjoy their company and look forward to seeing them, well, it’s like having a member of the family watch them. That’s why at Bambino, it’s our mission to help you find the best babysitter every time.  

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