Four Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Oct 11, 2022 | Sitters, Parents

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start making some spooky arts and crafts to get in the spirit!

Here are four spooktacular Halloween craft ideas that are sure to impress the kids!

1. Ghost Pom-Pom Poppers

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Photo courtesy of Craft Train

These little ghosts are not just cute, but also a lot of fun. Your kids will have just as much fun making them as they will playing with them! All you’ll need is a few household items like paper, tape, sharpies, balloons, and pompoms. For full directions from the Craft Train on how to make this Halloween craft, click here.

2. Q-Tip Skeleton Picture

Bambino Sitters
Photo courtesy of Thriving Home

We love crafts that don’t require us to buy any items! This cute skeleton only requires a few materials that we are sure you’ll already have at home. Thriving Home even provides a printable head that you can find with the rest of the instructions here.

3. Pumpkin Treat Bags

Bambino Sitters
Photo courtesy of Hello Wonderful

Looking for something a little less spooky? We’ve got you covered. Hello Wonderful’s “Pumpkin Treat Bags” are a great craft for older children and can help develop their fine motor skills. Ready to start crafting? Find everything you need to make these bags here.

4. Mini Mummy Pinatas 

Bambino Sitters
Photo courtesy of DYI Candy

A craft that reuses disposable items? Sign us up! These Mini Mummy Pinatas are easy to make and are sure to be a fan favorite. The best part? You can fill them with items for an added element of fun! For full directions from DYI Candy, click here!

We hope you enjoyed this Halloween craft round-up! If you make any of these crafts be sure to tag us on Instagram or TikTok! Happy crafting and happy Halloween!

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