Finding Weekend Babysitters Just Got Easier

Mar 20, 2020 | Parents

 The weekend’s almost here and you’ve got big plans. The reservation is booked, the perfect outfit is hanging in your closet, all that’s left is finding a babysitter. Uh oh, those butterflies of excitement just turned to dread. It’s time to join the race against other parents vying for the same weekend babysitters. But, you breathe a giant sigh of relief. You remember that you have the ability to choose from a list of weekend babysitters in just minutes. That’s because you have the Bambino babysitting app. 

Bambino: Your Secret to Finding Available Weekend Babysitters

Without a doubt, weekends are the most difficult time to book a sitter. Babysitters are in the highest demand on Friday and Saturday nights. So what’s a parent to do? You could book one in advance if you know the date and time you need them. But, that’s not always possible. Spur of the moment events may pop up, like a happy hour after work or a spontaneous date night. In any case, you need a quick and stress-free option that also provides a sitter who’s reliable and experienced 

When it comes to finding weekend babysitters, Bambino is a parent’s best friend. It’s a free downloadable app that makes it possible, in a matter of minutes, to find and book the perfect sitter.  Once you open the app, you’ll only see sitters that are actually available for the time you need one.  You can see who your friends and neighbors trust and love, send multiple requests in an instant and then confirm the best sitter for you

Weekend Babysitters You Can Count On

To ensure the dependability of sitters, Bambino regularly evaluates each one based on their reliability. Those who respond quickly and show up on time are ranked higher in the listings. By using these rankings as a guide, you can book with the most assurance that you won’t be late or be stood up. 

Weekend Babysitters with the Right Skills

Availability isn’t the only criteria you have when it comes to finding just the right sitter. You might need one who is experienced taking care of toddlers or one who knows that a preteen doesn’t need or want to be babied. Maybe you need someone who can make snacks or safely bake cookies or doesn’t mind picking up the toys and straightening the house at the end of the night. With Bambino, you see what skills each babysitter has along with their experience, training, and any certifications. You can also choose from the Elite Sitter tier which showcases the top rated sitters that have all been background checked. 

Bambino tries to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your family. 

Every sitter on the app has to have at least one recommendation and teen babysitters have received parental consent before any of the babysitters are activated on the app. Bambino also does comprehensive safety checks on all sitters.

Now that your sitter is booked, Bambino makes paying for a weekend babysitter easy, too. You’ll see your sitter’s rates and pay directly through the app only after the sitter watches your kids. In addition to paying through the app, parents are also asked if they recommend the babysitter, providing valuable feedback for other parents in their neighborhood.

Whether you want to join your colleagues after work for a much needed break or you and your partner are planning a romantic dinner date, don’t let the weekend babysitter blues get you down. There are plenty of weekend babysitters just waiting for you to connect on Bambino, the app that is…  babysitting made easy

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