Bambino In The News

Bambino In The News: 2020

Some families are turning to childcare apps for connections with babysitters nearby. Elizabeth Aronson works as director of customer experience for the Bambino app. Aronson says right now there are more than 2,000 babysitters in the READ MORE >

Bambino In The News: 2019

We all know the the world is changing. We hail a ride on apps like Uber, book travel accommodations on apps like Airbnb, and there are too many dating apps to list. So, why READ MORE >

Bambino In The News: 2018

As a mother with three young children living away from family in Westport, Connecticut, Elizabeth Aronson always relied heavily on babysitters. She said she had tried many services and had mixed luck before a READ MORE >

Bambino In The News: 2017

Being a parent to newborns can be difficult and it is be challenging to find a trustworthy babysitter. Bambino is aiming to solve this problem by connecting parents with local babysitters that have been recommended by neighbors READ MORE >

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